Business Slogans That Really Drive Your Marketing

As a small-business owner, you want to do everything you can to maximize your advertising budget. It's not good enough to simply throw money around without having a solid plan for customer acquisition. Most marketing professionals will advise you to create and maintain a "brand", that does a lot more than just inform people about the existence of your company. A catchy business slogan is step one in creating your brand, because it's the best way to project a consistent message over a long period of time, via any medium through which you advertise. Think of it as a way to distill everything about your company and its products into just a few words.

When you consider all the famous business logos with which you are familiar, it should be clear that it's smart to have one. Probably every single company in the Fortune 500 has a business slogan, and even product-specific slogans that function to create a more narrow, targeted message about a particular area of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir business. The fact that big businesses have slogans should really be enough to convince you that you need one too, even if you're just a small one or two-person operation.

It does not have to be expensive to come up with a slogan for your company. Endless examples of company logos are easy to find online, and analyzing why certain slogans work will put you on the right path to creating your own. Even if one does not come to you in a moment of inspiration, you can always hire a freelance copy writer through websites like or Craigslist. If you can pay $ 100 or so to have a professional writer give you a short list of powerful logos from which to choose, it's pretty easy to see how the huge return on your investment makes it a no-brainer.

Having a really electric slogan for your business is a great way of differentiating it from the competition in your area. Even if you're a plumber or a cleaning service you should have one, because it lends some credibility and professionalism to your business in the eyes of customers both existing and potential. Looking at simply in terms of return on investment, adopting an effective slogan for your future marketing campaigns is a great way to drive your marketing.