Burp a Lot? Why You’re Burping a Lot and How to Stop

The main reason that people burp a lot is that they are encountering problems with their gastric function. There are major reasons for why you’re burping a lot and today I’ll discuss these as well as how to stop burping for good. You might be surprised to know that belching is often a symptom of a greater problem going on that you may not be aware of.

Why you just can’t stop burping?

The main reason for this is a problem with your stomach to effectively process foods without creating excess gas in the process. This often comes down to 3 things enzyme production, stomach acid levels and excessive fermentation further in the digestive tract.

Enzymes: When not produced in great enough quantities your will encounter indigestion and as a result many symptoms such as burping, gas, and much more. What you may not realize is that this can also be a sign of mal-absorption problems developing in your body.

Stomach Acid: Often people drink too much in the way of liquids with their meals, this dilutes stomach acid and actually causes significant digestive stress as the body must work very quickly to create more stomach acid to break down food entering the stomach. This can cause digestive issues such as burping to arise.

Excessive Fermentation: This is the creation of gas in the digestive tract which causes bloating but it can also cause bloating. Here’s how, when gas is created in the body it must be released, the only ways out are through the mouth and the rectum. Many times people with burping issues will also encounter gas quite frequently. If this sounds like you then it’s very likely that the cause for all this gas is the fermentation created by a yeast known as candida albicans.

This yeast exists in well over 90% of the population, although not all suffer symptoms from it, as well symptoms often vary quite a great amount. Many people do have symptoms as a result of it however, the sad thing is the modern medical profession does not identify candida as a threat to a persons health until it’s often too late or far too severe to easily rectify! The interesting thing for people who burp a lot is that candida interferes directly with digestive enzyme production as well as stomach acid production!

So who often has a problem with candida?

If you have ever taken a course of antibiotics, a prescription drug, eat a diet high in sugar or processed foods or have fewer than 2 bowel movements per day then you are very likely to be at risk.

The best course of action is to first take a candida test or questionnaire to determine how many symptoms you’re currently experiencing that could be candida related. If you are indicated as experiencing symptoms due to a candida overgrowth then it’s a good idea to start modifying your current diet to a candida diet amongst some other changes in order to eliminate it and any other health symptoms you may be experiencing such as chronic burping.

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