How to Make a Woman Orgasm – Faster Than You Can Ever Imagine

Let me tell you this fact with all conviction: women agree to sex with you because of the promise of orgasm. You don’t have to say this directly to her, it’s a given.

As soon as you start, there’s this little voice in her head saying, maybe this time I will be able to have the orgasm I am longing for. But the problem with some guys is they don’t know about the female orgasm and how it works. They think just because she’s enjoying herself, she’s fine and content. When a woman starts feeling good, it’s the start, but hardly the climax she has been waiting for.

For you to really enjoy sex with a woman, and get it often, you have to learn how to make her orgasm fast. If you shudder at the thought of spending two hours thinking about baseball so you won’t go before she does, you must learn and master at least one technique that will make her get off faster.

Here are some of these faster female climax strategies you can try –

1. Emotional Sex. Women have to feel like they’re being taken for a trip to the moon and back. You must make her feel special, important and beautiful for her to get in her sexual trance. When you get her to that closed eyes, grinding stage, you know you have connected with her emotionally. Remember that women require more than physical stimulation to get off. They need to feel sexy.

2. You must know what floats her boat. I’m talking about how she wants to be touched. As a rule, you should use your tongue and lips only on her sensitive parts, unless she specifically asks for a bite or a nibble. Even then, be gentle. Until you know how exactly she wants it, you have to listen closely for feedback and be wary of the Ouch that really sounds like she’s in pain.

If you get these two things done right, you’re a step closer to cutting the amount of time it takes her to climax by half.

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