Qualities of Celtic Tattoo Art


Celtic arts have been increasingly popular over the recent years. They have a long history that goes back to ancient times. They have been powerfully persuasive for many tribes and represented a number of different tribes and group. Celtic tattoo art is part of illustrations that accompanied biblical manuscripts in the 4th and 5th century. Christian priests tried to look at visual styles and incorporated both the pagan history of the Celts and traditional symbol of Christianity for religious conversation.

Irish illustrated manuscripts inspire Celtic tattoo art. “The Book of Kells” which is on display at the library of Trinity College in Dublin is one of these manuscripts. The dates from these books believed to have started Celtic tattooing. Nowadays, it is thought that tattooing from Celts started when Celts stone and metalwork began.

Ancient Celts did not keep many written records instead; they passed knowledge down by telling stories. This is the reason why there is a little proof of their Celtic tattooing remaining though cross tattoos are very popular tattoo design.

One type of this design is the knots tattoos; they are with no beginning and no end. This symbolizes never-ending cycle of death and rebirth. Knots are unending unless they end with zoomorphic design or a spiral. The Celtic knots represent belief in the cyclical nature of life and the eternal power of the circle. Knot work tattoo communicates a feeling rather than representing a physical object. Interlacing knots is one of the reasons why these tattoos are hard to create.

Zoomorphic tattoos are similar in construction to normal knot work. These designs use animal heads, legs, tails, body, or feet. The highly stylized animal portraits convey a feeling of the animal as spiritual complex intertwined with the experience and color of life.

Spiral tattoos formed out of lines which spiral and twirl in a parallel uniform manner. While Maze tattoos have parallel lines in them that create a maze.

There are Celtic themes combined with designs of flowers, sun, skulls, and stars can be very interesting that they look terrific in any body part such as armbands, lower back, upper back, ankles, or shoulders. Celtic tattoos are growing on past pace. Celtic tattoos like no other style require a professional artist, when done well it can be one of the most decorative and meaningful tattoos out there. Celtic tattoo conveys the inner feeling. The interlacing pattern knots, colors, and the use of various symbols together make the Celtic tattoo one of the most popular types of body art.


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