Management Vs Martial Arts



Management is a coveted profession both in style and status. Management professionals and graduates are expected to be at par with established standards in their professional lives. There is also a lot of pressure on them to perform regularly and provide some expected quality unlike others. There is less margin for error, pardon is less and competition is more. Of course, rewards are lucrative. The theory of ‘Survival of the fittest’ is very well applicable here.


Management is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is for men and women who have wanted those people in their lives. They fight it out to be themselves, stay ahead and achieve. This makes it similar to martial arts sometimes although the skills are soft. The fight is due to competition. However, there is a side to management which says it does not need more than one person at a time. For example, managing self is a good management skill.


‘My boss doesn’t respect me’ is a very common thought among many employees. ‘Boss calls me names’, ‘boss hits me’ etc are also heard. This causes a lot of friction generally branding management as unnecessarily bossing. Some people are responsible for this while others who know the finer side make it better and bigger.


Management can be softer and more professional. For example, time management does not need touching anybody as just allocating and ensuring proper use of time will do. Other examples are manpower and money management. Poor performance can result in a formal warning instead of verbal Compliance can be ensured through professional security.


Common cause is pressure which makes people take their authority and designations personally. This makes them feel their entire dignity and respect is connected with their designations and not anything more.

Discrimination is another reason. Team parties are not always happy, with a glass of wine left and reserved for boss and not for someone who wants the wine alone and not anything more in the party. ‘That brand is not for you’ says the waiter ‘Don’t touch it’. Someone does not want all that, feels disrespected wants to get back causing friction.

Comparison is another reason. Someone who says ‘I want above that man’ finishes a lot of happy between them and that man. On their way they fight, put down each other till they are able to give up each other and concentrate only on their interests.


It’s called rat race by some people who wanted to ensure they don’t be a part of it. It is interesting that sometimes or many times these are the people who ensure there is a rat race happening and enjoy it. Yes, it’s difficult to say what’s right or wrong, who’s good or bad but one can ensure safe shores by sticking to established principles of management that are accepted worldwide. This ensures low questionability resulting in firm stands which is vital in management.


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