The Cup Says to the Potter, ‘Make Me a Bowl’

IRONIES herald the enigma of life, that we as a people, routinely look the gift horse in the mouth.

The gift in present focus is the gift of life:

A vision was given to me: “Deprived of Breath”

I forgot how it feels not to be able to breathe.

The fact is breath can be taken anytime.

It can be taken from a loved one anytime.

Without warning, it is taken.

For so many years, decades, we are given it.

Live to 80 and we breath 673,000,000 times.

Every one of them we take for granted.

Until God shows us how tenuous life is.

Until we have a respiratory disorder.

God doesn’t want us to thank Him for every breath.

It would be too hard, too much for our minds.

He wants us to enjoy our lives.

God wants me to be grateful.

So many things I take for granted.

God doesn’t want us to fret unnecessarily.

The vision wasn’t just about breath.

It was about life and the Giver of life.

It was a reminder I needed.

Help me be more grateful, Lord of Life.

God knows that we take life for granted more than we should. Even those connected well with gratitude for what they possess in the moment take some aspects of their lives for granted.

Still, we have daily opportunities to give thanks for crucial elements of our lives.

By not being thankful we look the gift horse in the mouth. In effect, it’s like us being cups and saying to God, the Potter, make us into bowls. He has made us into a cup for a purpose. And who are we to question the Potter? Yet, we do, and God is gracious enough to allow us this insolence.

We breathe, and because we breath we live. We think nothing of taking that breath for granted. Yet, hundreds of millions of breaths are what keep us alive over our lifetime. If air were to be removed from our atmosphere, for even a few minutes, we would immediately begin to die. And still we find room for complaint that immediately overlooks the presence of the gift. (I know I do.)

Sometimes we need to be reminded of how fragile our lives are before we can truly grasp the privilege it is to live this life.

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