Business Ideas to Start Part-Time

1. Personalized Gifts: Create a personalized poster for a newborn or a milestone in someone's life. In Japan, Yosimiya sells bags of rice which are shaped like a newborn baby. These are given to new parents as gifts. Along with the bag is a photo of the child displaying his or her name, and the bag weighs exactly what the child weighed at birth.

2. Catering For Pets: Produce and sell products for pets. This could be anything from organic pet food to designer dog kennels. There are even dog bowls which you can program to call your dog at food time. Pets are important to many people and they love to spoil them. You could also do doggie daycare, pampering, or a pet spa and hotel experience for pets.

3. Helping Students Move: Catering to students needs can be a very lucrative business. Students living in dormitories have to vacate their rooms every holiday. You could help them to move also provide a storage solution for holiday moves, so provide a storage solution for holiday moves, so that they don't have to move everything back to where-ever they live.

4. Professional Shopper: Provide a service as a professional shopper. You could specialize in gifts shopping for busy executives. Professional shopper can save them time while making sure that they offer gifts that are appropriate. You could also offer your services to busy parents as a back to school shopper. Get the stationery and book requirements list, price the goods and add your fee. Include gasoline in the pricing as you often have to go more than one place. If you get enough clients you could negotiate a bulk discount from the stores where you shop.

5. Renovations: Home renovations are a huge business especially in a down economy. People are looking to fix up rather than buy a new home. Bring your own tools and include things like paint in the price of the project. This will make it as simple as possible for the owner to use your services. Arrange discounted products from a local hardware stores.

5. Cleaning Service: Many people do not like having cleaners in their home or offices. They find it invasive. There is a gap in the market to offer these people a complete, professional cleaning service in which you bring in a team of cleaners and complete the entire cleaning job in two hours. You could offer this service to home owners and offices.

These are the few of many businesses that you can do part-time.