The Wedding Photo Book

Personalized Photo Books

Personalized photo books can be created using any digital photos and other digital picture files including scanned images and downloaded pictures. The cover can be customized with the addition of a single photo, which is then added to both the front and back cover. A second picture can be provided in order to have this printed on the back in place of the original picture. Every side of every page can also be customized with one or more photos and depending on the size of photo book chosen this means between 30 and 80 sides of photo printing on high quality materials.

Turning A Book Into A Wedding Photo Book

The book has many uses but is especially good looking and personal when used as a wedding personalized book. Whether you’re arranging it for your own use or are looking for a unique and very personal wedding gift for the happy couple, a wedding book is the ideal choice. It combines customization with a traditional wedding item and it can be kept and enjoyed for many years to come.

Giving A Wedding Book As A Gift

A wedding book can be given as a gift to the bride and groom to celebrate their big day. Ordinarily, this might mean giving them the gift after the big day but you can instead pay for the wedding book and receive a gift certificate which can be presented along with the rest of the wedding party’s gifts on the wedding day. Once the day is over and the couple have chosen their favorite photos they can then choose the photos to print in their own wedding book.

Creating Your Own Wedding Photo Book

Alternatively, you may be looking for a high quality and great looking wedding book for your own use. Use pictures taken by a professional photographer and combine these with more candid shots taken by guests in order to create a beautiful photo journal of your big day. There’s no need to mount the pictures yourself either this way, making it more convenient and better looking than a album.

Wedding Photo Guest Books

A guest book is another type of book that can be customized. Choose a picture and have it printed on the cover of a guest book and then choose the column headers to include on all of the pages. A photo guest book will usually hold around 200 entries although this can be extended by having extra pages added to the standard photo guest book size, ensuring that all of your guests are able to leave a message of congratulations for you and your partner.

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