Different Martial Arts Techniques

Martial arts techniques are not mystical like the ones we see in the movies. The viewers are made to believe that these masters can jump incredible heights and seem as light as a feather. Some of them can single-handedly take out a motley crew of goons without even breaking a sweat. While these antics are effective eye candies, in actual practice, the most effective self defense techniques are none of these stunts made on film.

Ultimately, there are so many varieties of techniques being practiced today. The following is a general idea of these techniques categorized for beginners so they will understand more about the moves that make martial arts extraordinary.


This is the action of preventing an opponent’s attempt of landing a strike. This is either done by the hand, the arm, or the legs.

Footwork and Stances

Footwork is a skill which is the least thought of in a martial artist. But this basic skill is very essential in effective self-defense. Professional fighters need to spend a great degree of time working on these techniques. On top of these, stances are imperative to both sports and traditional martial arts. Some examples of these stances utilized in Kung Fu are based on animals: the Snake, the Crane, the Horse, the Monkey, the Tiger, the Eagle, etc. Some of these are based on human behavior like the Drunken Technique.


Striking in martial arts usually refers to the stand up offensive game which involves punches, kicks, chops, the use of elbows, knees, the head, the fingers, and thighs, among others. Of course, on top of this, striking can also be utilized in ground fighting.


A submission on the whole refers to joint locks, choke holds, and other wrestling moves. In general, these are performed down on the ground, although some moves can be executed while standing. The main idea is to make an opponent give up or submit. Of course, if the opponent will not give up during the employment of a submission hold, then fatal damage can occur. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu which uses this very popular concept today.


The act of taking an opponent to the ground is called a takedown. This can be accomplished by either using a wrestling move, such as single or double leg takedown, or using throws.


A throw is a exact type of takedown that is, in nature, more defensive. A throw is defined as a maneuver or technique whereby a practitioner locks up with an opponent and uses the opponent’s strength against him by taking him down to the ground. This is the basic concept of Judo.

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