Things to Know Before Trying a Snowboarding Trick

Snowboarding tricks seem pretty impossible, especially if you feel that you’re not the best athlete. It certainly isn’t the easiest sport to pick up. The best way to pick up snowboarding is to go slowly and practice, practice, and practice some more. Before you go looking on the best snowboarding tricks you might want to learn the basics.

Before you even think about trying a snowboarding trick simple things like carrying your board without hitting someone, gliding, and skating over flat terrain should all be mastered. You can start to think about pulling your first snowboarding trick once you can get on a board without falling off a skate reasonably well.

Getting On Your Board

Getting on your board may seem easy but it falls into the looks easier than it is category. You want to get comfortable with your board because your board and how it feels is essential to making sure you pull off your cool snowboarding trick successfully.

When you first strap on your board make sure to do it in a place that is quiet with low traffic. You don’t want to strap on our board for the first time with plenty of people around. Try to do this on flat ground or in an area with a very gentle incline.

Place the board on the ground with the bottom of the board faces you and the bindings are away from you. Place the board flat on the ground now. Put on the safety leash on your front leg if you are on an incline. This prevents the board from sliding away from you.

Your front leg now goes in the front binding. Before you fasten the ankle strap make sure your heel is securely in place. Now fasten the toe strap. It should be snug otherwise your foot is going to come loose but not to the point of causing pain.

Once your foot has been securely strapped in you can now move your board around. Stand up and then bring the board towards you with just the one foot strapped in. Your knee should be bent to help you bring the board towards you. Do this a few times to get the feel of the board.

Now you want to repeat this step in a reverse fashion. Place your free foot in front of the board and lift your board behind you, pushing your leg out. This should help prep you for the next step of learning a snowboarding trick. Getting comfortable with you board is important before you try to do any snowboarding trick.

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