Hair Accessories for Active Tykes

Hair accessories for babies and toddlers are a fun way to make your child look stylish. Obviously this applies mainly to girls, though boys can benefit looks wise from baby hair accessories to some degree as well. These hair items make girls look cute and pretty, but they can be a challenge in certain respects. Baby girls, depending on their age, have little to no hair, and toddler aged girls often don’t have much. On top of this, young children are extremely active and generally don’t pay much attention to whether or not some hair item stays in their hair. The key is to get well made products designed with the active baby or toddler in mind. The following are some ideas for types of hair accessories that will stay put even when little tykes play actively.


Little girls look great with bows in their hair. Bows are the quintessential girls hair accessories. And they have a side advantage – in baby girls they can help distinguish them from baby boys at the age where it can be a bit difficult to tell the difference. Bows come in all shapes and sizes and can be found at online vending sites of all sorts.

The problem with baby bows falling off has already been recognized by manufacturers and they have designed models that are both comfortable to wear and that won’t keep slipping off.

Hair Clips

If your little girl has enough hair to clip back, hair clips are also great girls hair accessories. If designed correctly they will stay in a baby or toddler’s hair without pulling it too much. Again, it’s important to look for manufacturers that show an awareness of the tendency of these items to slip out of little girls’ hair.

Keep in mind that clips can be very decorative. They may take the shape of flowers, butterflies, abstract designs, you name it. And the very fact that they are designed as clips means that that they are meant to cling effectively to a child’s hair.


Headbands are an item that works on either boys or girls. These are somewhat less likely to slip off an active tyke’s head than some other items because they are lighter and their elasticity makes them cling to the child’s head. When all else fails, headbands can be a great child hair accessory solution. They are made in all kinds of colors and out of many different materials – velvet, satin, cotton, grosgrain, lace – all kinds of materials with different textures and looks.

Headbands are great for babies that have very little hair to attach anything to. They are also soft and easy on a very young head and give little opportunity for injury of any kind. Babies will often forget they are even wearing a headband or head wrap.

Items like these and many others are available at This site has a sharp and varied line of baby and child hair items that will wow you and fulfill virtually all of your child hair need. Also check out the associated blog for all kinds of great info on child hair items and fashion.

Babies and toddlers are naturally active and this always has to be taken into account when selecting hair accessories for them. Be sure to find ones that are well designed, safe, and pleasant for your child to wear. Pay attention to safety and comfort first, and then go with baby hair accessories that are designed with the active tyke in mind.

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