Fitness – Mind & Body

People always tend to look at just the superficial aspect of fitness and they neglect what is also vital to ones well-being – a healthy mind-. One might think that mind and body are separate but they are wrong! The mind and body are very closely associated; a healthy, "opened-minded" and emotionally stable person is more likely to have a truly fit body than one who is depressed or stressed most of the time.

Exercise and diet are key factors in getting that hot body that will turn heads in the street but working out hours on end in the gym and sticking to a strict & healthy diet are not enough! Your mind must be at ease, stress-free and open. Here are some of my MIND-CLEARING techniques:

  • After a stressful day at work, school, etc., take a nice long bath or shower, make sure that the water is at a pleasant temperature.Cleanliness helps to relieve stress.
  • Put on some lounge or relaxing instrumental music; this music has a soothing effect that will calm your nerves and send your mind to a place of tranquility.
  • make sure that the environment that you are in has a pleasant aroma. I recommend that you light up some incense or aromatic candles in the rooms that you are using and get into some aromatherapy.
  • Get a Massage! A massage and aromatherapy simultaneously can be even more relaxing, you should definitely try that !.

These techniques will help you to ward off negative energies and build up your defenses against possible contamination from any external negative influences because you are now much more centered and fit emotionally. What really is negative energy anyway? Well, in my humble opinion i think this type of "energy" has to do a great deal with science that is yet to be fully understood. However, I am not throwing out spirituality because I think it is very useful to science. Think about it!