LED Lighting Systems

Today when great persons in the world are worried about the environment problems caused by pollution, LED lighting systems will prove a boon because the industries, eco-friendly firms; simply by retrofitting a building can significantly reduce carbon emission and save number of trees with guarantee of five years for the light installed. Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a device which emits light on passing of an electric current through it.

The fact can not be denied that nearly 2 billion people worldwide and half of the population in modernizing India does not have access to reliable and clean lighting. Use of kerosene or fuel wood is inadequate for light as well as pollutes the homes and the environment. Emerging technologies in LEDs promise for reliable, inexpensive lighting to the poor and needy. The low energy consuming white LEDs housed in a lantern type case powered by a small storage battery charged either by grid or by solar would make the lighting.

This will help people to lengthen the productive day for many of their daily household tasks or lucrative jobs by extending the hours of light. These hours “earned” have been estimated tobe worth nearly $25 million a day and $100 billion a year. From the sets of Broadway to television studios, LED lighting systems has become an ideal alternative to traditional lighting sources for entertainment applications. As energy efficient light sources, LED lighting provides a dynamic impact, while eliminating the need for maintenance-intensive color gels and filters. Keeping in view the ever increasing prices of energy as well as energy crisis, the U.S. President Mr.Obama is taking keen interest in energy efficient lighting. The fastest and the best way are to use energy saving bulbs to reduce consumption. Fine quality, high powered LED street lights replace conventional ones and bring down electricity bills up to 44 lakhs over a period of 10 years, since street lights are operating for 12hrs a day. The area where UV or IR radiation is to be avoided, LED spot light is an excellent alternative, widely used in factories, advertising boards, buildings, gardens. In this period of Global Recession, when the Management is taking all the possible steps to bring down the costs, LED down lights and tube lights are highly energy efficient and excellent option to cut electricity bills because it is only the government offices, malls, theatres, libraries, gardens, parks etc. where light consumption is unlimited and inconsiderable. Undoubtedly, the rise of the LED, which has just begun, is set to sky-rocket in the coming years. That’s why, even in this economic crisis, the companies are investing constantly and brusquely.

Thanks to the human brain which brings solution to entire crisis.

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