Baseball Players – Tuning Up Your Athleticism With Plyometrics!

If you are a baseball player looking to tune up your athleticism then you need to make sure that you are including plyometrics into your strength and conditioning program. Plyometrics allow you to develop short quick burst of powerful muscular force which is essential in the development of athletic skill and overall performance. Check out the following 2 drills that you can implement to get that power and increase your performance for baseball!

1. Squat Jumps: For this particular drill equipment can be applied, but is not necessary. All you need is a flat open space and the will to work. To begin, simply stand with your feet about shoulder width distance apart. From here perform a counter-movement with your arms by swinging them back as you descend. Lower your body by rapidly flexing at your hips and knees. From here then explosively extend at both your hips and knees and swing your arms back up in front of your body and above your head. When you land on the ground immediately transition into the next squat jump and perform every repetition in rapid succession.

2. Stadium Sprints: For this drill, once again, equipment can be applied but is not necessary. To start, all you will need for this is a set of relatively tall stadium bleachers. You can find stadium bleachers at your local college or high school football stadium. Just make sure that you can gain proper entry. From here you will simply want to start at the base of the stadium. Try to sprint the distance upwards that is equivalent to about 2 stories. Once you sprint up simply walk back down and repeat the process. This is great plyometric training for baseball players to develop explosive leg power and tremendous athletic conditioning!