Say Goodbye to Traditional Telephone Lines

Like old, dusty books on the shelves of public libraries, regular home telephone lines have been plummeting in popularity. Some experts even foresee that traditional LAN telephone lines will eventually reach extinction- but before you start to chuckle at this forecast, it may be less farfetched than you actually think.

“Many people don’t leave home without their cell phones nowadays,” says Larry Lehoux, the CEO of the Data Corp., a world leader in the development of digital communications software. “Cell phones have really revolutionized the way we live; people no longer need to sit and wait around for important phone calls. Cell phones have given us freedom.”

It’s true. Most of us carry our cell phones around everywhere; the grocery store, the mall, in our cars and even at the gym. Cell phone use has been steadily increasing around the world and people are not just using their cell phones to talk, there are now a variety of other activities that are keeping their interest.

“Mobile phone technology is becoming so sophisticated that people use their handsets for tasks other than just talking. These new activities include text messaging, download ringtones and wallpaper, playing games and even surfing the Internet” says expert Lehoux.

The Data Corp’s web-based software application, Mobiletoolbox, specializes in text messaging technology and mobile content delivery. Mobiletoolbox allows companies to communicate easily with their clients via cell phone text messaging and also allows the sale and delivery of mobile content such as ringtones, wallpaper and screensavers. “Text messaging is still relatively new in North America, but the market is ripening. People are starting to realize that there is huge potential for these services.”

After all, what company wouldn’t want to be able to reach customers at any time and anywhere? Text messaging has been popular overseas for quite some time, but is picking up quickly in North America. LAN telephone lines may be dying slowly but new technology has given rise to great opportunity in our mobile world.

For more information about sending out SMS text messages or selling mobile content, please visit the Mobile Toolbox homepage at or contact The Data Corp toll free at 1-877-410-6683.

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