What We Wear and How We Evolve Into Who We Are

Ever since we were young lads and lasses, our parents had a rein on what we wore out to friends and family gatherings. When I was 6 my mum bought me a matching checked outfit with a matching cap. In addition to this, I was also carefully looked over to make sure my socks was in color scheme. We lived in the heart of Manhattan upper east side and the high-end store clients, made sure I was promenaded like a young social libertarian of sorts. Those younger days of mine were to inform my future Savoir-Faire relationship with clothing. In my experience in the business world I have come to realize that many men do not take the time to choose their attire in-depth. To many ladies and gents, their appearance is a symptom of upbringing which made them my favorite customers. I would simply take their level of insecurity with fashion and move it up a notch.

Although we all have taste, we don’t always know that we have it. It seems to evolve when we are either helping others to dress up or decorate our homes. We all have genes, but the fashion gene is a bit lack-luster at times. I have to come understand that taste is developed and will emerge more quickly when detail is focused on. For example touching fabric, looking at stitching and color depth. Remember to keep in mind fashion fades only style remains the same to us.

Once you discover your inner being, the outer you will become more apparent. There is a finishing touch to how we see ourselves, once we are dressed to kill. As Christian Dior once said; “zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.” It will remain with you forever, I’m sure.

I have compiled a few good points for you to develop Savoir-Faire.

Be you not someone else.

Research what to wear and purchase. Take your time. Life is short anyway it won’t matter.

Insure that when you shop nothing else is thought about.

In order to make a good impression anywhere you have about 15 seconds and make sure you do look the part.


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