Change Your Life By Being Uncomfortable

Many people talk about their dreams, the lives they wish to lead, the income they want to attain in their lifetime, yet 95% of the people either start and quit, not getting very far and not putting forth much effort in the process or they Just do not get past the talking stage.

Well one reason sometimes is that in order to create the life you wish to have, the financial freedom you desire, you must put forth a consistent sustained effort over a period of time and for many people this means putting in work after their day job is Over with.

For many people this is not a problem. They do not mind putting forth the extra effort. The problem that hits everyone and this is the breaking point, is that in order for you to gain the success you desire you must leave your comfort zone.

Fear of leaving the comfort zone stops people dead in their tracks. People will just not leave their comfort zone for one reason or the other. People will just rather go back to living their daily lives than step outside of their comfort zone.

This is what separates those that truly desire change in their lives and the ones that just talk about wanting to change. It takes great power and discipline to leave your comfort zone and it is a necessary step. It is a simple fact, in order to get things you have never had you must do things you have never done.

What people fail to realize is that they have stepped out of their comfort zones all their lives.

For example lets go go to when you were a kid riding a bike for instance. You were comfortable riding with training wheels at first, then you wanted to ride without them but were afraid of falling so your parents held it for you to become comfortable and were able to steady the bike on your own without falling off then you were comfortable Riding without their help.

Another example is going through your school years. First you were afraid or nervous about starting school for the first time but you made friends in elementary and became comfortable.

Then you were nervous graduating to junior high school but once again you became comfortable after a short time of adjustment. Same thing with high school and then on to college, each time stepping out of your comfort zone only to become comfortable every time over a short period of time.

Why are you uncomfortable? Because you are doing things for the first time and you are afraid of the uncertainty, not knowing. However, just like riding a bike, going to school or whatever ever else you have done over a course of your lifetime, you learned and once you learned you became comfortable.

The same thing will happen when you go after your dreams whatever they may be. You may not know exactly how you will ever attain them but you will learn as you start to take action, things will happen that you will be amazed at and soon you will develop your comfort zone.

However, the flip side of not taking action has it consequences as well.

When you constantly fail to act on your intentions, desires and dreams, your subconscious mind is taking all this in and forming the thought pattern, a habit, that you are not serious and it will cause you to constantly act on this new habit. Your act is not taking action. Your new habit you have created over a period of time is the habit of all talk and no action.

This habit you have now created will find ways to fulfill itself by having you to make excuses to put off fulfilling your dreams every time you start to talk about it, because you have deeply drawn it into your subconscious.

If you really want to change your life you must do uncomfortable things, you must leave your comfort zone.

What you will soon learn is that once you start leaving your comfort zone and repeatedly doing those uncomfortable task you will find that these uncomfortable task are not so uncomfortably over time and you will soon have a new comfort zone and you will be amazed to find how Much you will have grown as a person and how things will start to flow your way.

Another benefit of stepping outside your comfort zone is, once you step out side of it and develop a new comfort zone, your new comfort zone can never snap back to its old size. Soon you will find yourself actually wanting to continue to stretch your comfort zone by stepping out side of it, cause every time you step out your comfort zone, you grow as a person in mind, body and spirit and the financial rewards are great too !

You will reap what you sow, like interviews alike, and wealth, prosperity and abundance seeks strong-minded people, history has proven that.

Want to change your life? Become uncomfortable!

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