Sitcom Characters Who Claimed To See UFOs

It was not your stereotypical unidentified flying object, insomuch as it was neither circular nor moving in the upper echelons of space. Still, the thing sort of mystified me when I beheld it in the small gravel parking lot for the local mountain bike trail.

I was vaguely familiar with drones, having seen them floating above televised football games. Encountering one out in the desolate heart of nature was an entirely different thing, especially when there was no one in sight who could be controlling it.

Only three vehicles sat in the parking lot, including mine. Both the pick up truck and the sedan next to mine were empty, so I wondered how the drone remained aloft.

I had just placed my bike on the rack and was ready to drive away, when I finally solved the mystery. A man was lying in the back of the pick up, holding the device that obviously controlled the drone.

Although I had not actually witnessed a UFO, I recalled several TV sitcoms which featured characters who had indeed believed they had encountered a spaceship or aliens of some kind. Here are ten of those shows.

Married With Children

Al Bundy, or rather his malodorous socks, attracts some little green men from their flying saucer.

The Brady Bunch

Peter and Bobby fall victim to one of older brother Greg’s pranks, who deceives them into thinking there is a UFO hovering in their backyard.

Drake and Josh

“Alien Invasion” centers around a prank the step brothers play on their little sister Megan, who soon turns the tables on them.

Apple’s Way

Patriarch George Apple is ridiculed by the town when he tells a newspaper reporter that he saw a UFO.

I Dream of Jeannie

Major Nelson and his colleague Roger Healy, traveling in a small aircraft on a secret mission, are mistaken for aliens on a UFO by a rural Appalachian family.


Clumsy Aunt Clara mistakenly conjures up a crew of aliens and an unidentified flying object in an episode called “Samatha’s Secret Saucer”

Green Acres

Farm hand Eb claims to have met Martians in “The Saucer Season”, thereby bringing national attention to the tiny town of Hooterville.

Barney Miller

Wojo swears that he witnessed a UFO over Staten Island, the main plot in an episode appropriately called “The Sighting.”


The title waitress at Mel’s Diner thinks she spotted an alien space contraption in the night sky, leading to much skepticism in the episode “Alice Sees the Light.”

Saved By the Bell

A tabloid offers money for pictures of aliens or objects from outer space, prompting the gang to dress Screech up as an extra terrestrial. “Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind” takes on a more serious tone when the United States government begins to investigate the case.

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