So What Do Dreams Mean, Anyway?

Dream interpretation is a topic that’s been plumbed for eons. It’s been studied by the great shamans and druids, the Christian clergy, the New Agists and every student of psychoanalysis since its inception. There are tons upon tons of charts, symbolist theories, and various and sundry opinions about the meanings of every type of dream one could have.

So if you were to ask any of these web hosts what your dreams mean in any direct sense, the best answer would probably be “I don’t know what YOUR dreams mean, but here are a few methods to find out.?”

Here are a few methods to interpret dreams that are far, far more reliable than I would be directly:

The Web: There are tons of websites that address the symbols common in dreams. Many of which get their information from any number of the aforementioned sources (psychology, mythology, etc.)

These sites operate under the assumption, of course, that dreams do have intrinsic meanings and, therefore, a lot of the information therein should be taken with a grain of salt.

Modern Psychology/ Astrology: if you have access to any psychologists or astrologists, they would easily be able to point you in the direction of resources to be able to determine what your dreams mean.

Depending on whether you trust the stars or the advent of modern psychology, you should be able to find some great materials from tapping those sources.

Common Sense: and of course there are some people who feel that your dreams are simple fantasy and, as such, need not be examined at all.

There are people in the world who are so focussed on the need for empirical evidence that dream meanings are deemed beneath them and, as such, these people would tell you that dreams are just dreams, no more; for those people, your dream of falling down a flight of stairs (which is among the most common dream themes) is simply a reflection of your being afraid of heights or something equally as sensible.

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