Stepwise Procedure to Reduce Fibroids in the Uterus

Are you having problems about your periods? Are you going through pain while you are doing physical relationship? Then I must say that you are having fibroid in your uterus. Women above the age of 30 years do suffer from this problem. We all know cells response to hormones each of the month. The cells thicken, break down and fall down in the form of bleeding. But, those who are having fibroid have lots of troubles. The cells do not break down or break, they accumulate in the inner walls of the uterus. Women having non-cancerous tumours suffer from painful periods. One of the popular tests to diagnosis this condition is MRI.

Know The Symptoms of Uterine Fibroid

The symptoms of uterine fibroid are similar to the adenomyosis. In both the cases, women go through painful periods along with heavy bleeding. Apart from the painful periods, women experience the issue with the urine retention and urinary frequency, painful physical relationship, abdominal discomfort, fertility and pregnancy problems, constipation and much more. In the earlier days, most of the women undergo the process of hysterectomy. Here, in this process, the expert removed the uterus from the body. But, there are various complications in this procedure. So, the doctors are looking for the best alternatives.

Uterine Artery Embolisation- The Alternative Procedure

As the process of hysterectomy is having lots of complications, most of the women have fibroid undergo UAE or Uterine Artery Embolisation. There are various benefits of this procedure. The patient has to stay overnight at the hospital, there are no scars and marks, no pain, normal periods after the operation, keep the uterus intact, rapid recovery and totally covered by the medical aids.

The Procedure-

The First Step- Through the artery in your upper leg, the radiologist guides the small tube in the arteries that go to the uterus. Here, in this stage, the doctor makes the channel initially.

The Second Step- The radiologist then infuse medium-sized particles in the blood vessels that supply nutrition to the fibroid. This is the important step in the process and the expert does it carefully.

The Third Step- In this stage, the fibroid do not get the sufficient amount of nutrients and then die due to starvation. The professional customize the procedure as per patient’s requirements.

Thus, from the above steps, it is clear that most of the women can live a healthy life without the fibroids and do not suffer further from adenomyosis if they undergo the process of uterine artery embolisation.

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