The Likelihood of Apple Releasing an iPhone 5 in White

It is official. The Cupertino firm Apple will finally officially announce its much awaited iPhone 5 on the 4th of October. This is less than a week away. If you are one of the many enthusiasts of iOS-powered devices, you must be dying to set your eyes on this new device. After all the rumors that have surrounded this smartphone, you must be wondering what rumors were accurate and what rumors were false. Furthermore, you must be wondering if the house of Cook will release a white version of the handset.

Let’s go back to the iPhone’s history. Apple’s 4th generation smartphone was introduced back in June of 2010. It went on sale later during the same month. Soon after, it was announced that a lighter-toned version would soon be arriving. However, it would be 10 months later before we would get to see it in a different color.

Apparently, there were issues with production. Contractors in charge of applying the phone’s lighter tone had problems making the coat stick to the surface. Due to the long delay, people began to wonder whether this variant would ever arrive in stores. Some even thought that it would never come despite former CEO Steve Jobs reassuring Apple’s enthusiasts that it would.

With the Cupertino firm’s past problems, will the iPhone 5 come in white? Apple seems to have resolved the issue with the lighter-toned variant. Despite the long wait, it did deliver this version. However, will we experience the same problem? Let’s find out.

Let us look at another iOS-powered device. Let us take a look at the iPad 2. This tablet was announced in March of 2011. It was released soon after in the same month. When it went on sale, there were two versions available. These were the lighter and darker version. This is a clear indication that the Cupertino-based tech giant has mastered applying the devices the appropriate color coat.

It seems Apple has dealt with the issues and headaches it experienced with its 4th generation smartphone. This can be clearly seen with the iPad 2. This simply means that the Cupertino-based phone manufacturer has learned from its mistakes. Hopefully, we never have to wait another 10 months after the original version’s launch before we get to see a lighter-toned version.

Will the iPhone 5 come in a white color? Although this has not been confirmed, it is most likely that it will be available alongside the original color.

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