Final Step To Financial Freedom

If you read this article after going through the earlier 3 articles it will make more sense.
A two liner on the previous articles, to be truly financially free one has to first learn to live in the present that is concentrate on what one is doing with out distraction. Understanding the link between the past and the future between the present, from the past we learn from our mistakes or our failures, some body once said fail as fast as you can if you wish to succeed fast. By planning for the future one can make sure that one achieves ones dreams with out any blocks. Next is ones attitude towards work and surroundings, it is not always possible to change ones job or life partner but there is something in our control that we can change and that is our attitude towards them.

When we have all these in control we should be comfortable in our life. The next lines are more for the youth as they have more opportunity to implement it than a person who has passed his middle age. Let us speak of the next step by taking examples of two people one follows the traditional path and the other implements the essence of steps to financial freedom.

Mr. Job is a youth twenty five years old with a good job he had all the old values ‚Äč‚Äčimbibed in him. The moment he gets a good job his family and he himself starts searching for a suitable mate. This accomplished his next thought is about a house to live in. with the little money saved and the generous help of banks in the form of housing loans he manages to complete his dream house. The cost he pays is a recurring installation for the next 20 years. At this joke in life the third member in the form of a bundle of joy enters into there life that is there first child.

Expenses mount and Job looks for a part time job or in the words of a famous author one more bucket to lug in water or in this case money. He leads his life in this manner making both ends meet with great difficulty and before he knows youth and middle age has passed him unseen. A weary and discontent man is all that is left of the former brilliant personality.

Let us now see what the second youth who has some modern ideas does in the same situation. Our friend here is Mr. John; John also gets a good job and gets married. Here ends the similarity in Jobs and Johns life's, John instead of buying a house for him to stay approaches the same banker and takes a loan to build a shop or office that he can let out with the rent he gets and maybe a few more rupees he starts paying his installments without feeling the pinch. Here as time passes the rent of the building increments while the installments towards the loan decreases. Now John finds that he has enough surpluses ever month, he plans a few wise investments consulting the financial experts. To make a long story short by the time John is forty he has an income from his assets which is more than what he earns from his 9 to 5 job. He is in a position to retire from the grind at any point of time he decides. What we can learn from these two situations is instead of falling for the trap which in the book is rich dad poor dad the author calls it the rat race one should plan to build assets instead of liabilities, in the olden days a house to live in was considered a asset but now we know it is really a liability which can bore you very badly. My advice to the youth is the first chance you get start building assets however small they are in the long run even before you know you will be in a position to get away from the grind of day to day living or hand to mouth living. For more please visit


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