Vegan Supplementation

If you are vegan it is very important that you supplement in line with what you eat, you see your diet even though trying very hard to get all your body needs it will most likely be lacking B-12 this is something you may very well not even be aware of I should remind you that going long periods of time without it causes homocysteine ​​levels to drastically rise without your knowledge, what chronic diseases such elevated levels might be causing. You also may not know if you are suffering from unnoticeable nerve damage. You are taking a big chance by assuming you have transferred a need for a typical B12 take.

As people live longer, homocysteine ​​has more years to cause damage to the body. Because of this, the human need for B12 has increased over time. The longer a vegan does not supplement with B12, the lower their active B12 levels will drop, increasing their homocysteine ​​levels. Do not do this to your self.

Whether you are new to the vegan way of life, or an old veteran if you have been experiencing head aces that you can not explain, or weird aches and pains I encourage you to supplement now not later. This is your body trying to tell you something listen to it! There are all holistic vegan supplements out there that will insure your body is getting all its building blocks without compromising the vegan way. If you can not afford prevention now, how will you afford disease later? Now that you have this knowledge how will you use it?

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