Sexual Positions To Spice Up Your Lovemaking

Are you sick and tired of having boring sex routines with your lover? If yes, you need to read on to find out what sexual positions that you can adopt with your partner to spice up your lovemaking tonight.

Sexual Position # 1: The Doggie Style. This classic position is one position that can really spice up your lovemaking, making both parties achieve maximum sexual satisfaction. The woman will go down all on fours and use her forearms to support herself. The man will enter from behind and place both his hands on the woman's waist. He will control the movement by moving his hips, and can also use his hands to cares her breasts. This position allows deep penetration, as well as great stimulation on the woman's G-Spot.

Sexual Position # 2: The Dolphin. This position will allow both parties to climax very fast. The woman will lie down on the bed, with her head on a pillow. She will then raise her hips, taking her weights on her shoulders and neck. The man will knee down in front of her and penetrate her. He will use both his hands to hold her buttock for support and control the thrusting movement.

Sexual Position # 3: The Lotus. This is an extremely intimate and passionate position that you should always adopt with your lover. The man will sit down with both his legs crossed. The woman will sit on him and allow him to enter her, with her facing the man's face. She will wrap both his legs around the man's hip and place her hands at his shoulders. The couple will be in an ideal position to kiss and cares each other, while still pounding on through the night. After the man has ejaculated, he should embrace his lover for at least a few minutes so as to enjoy the intimate moment after climax together.

These are just 3 simple positions that can help spice up your sex life with your lover. Do not let your sex life become a boring routine; it is a thing too wonderful to be treated this way.

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