Visit Mesquite Nevada! An Excellent Base, For Your Western Outdoor Adventure

Mesquite is a wonderful place to use as a base of Adventure operations. Enjoy the hotels, spas, casinos, golf, pools, resorts, restaurants and the outdoors! Mesquite is a perfect stay over-point for the canyon lover. The costs of the hotel rooms are very reasonable in Mesquite. Within 30 minutes drive are Elbow Canyon (because of its shape), Cabin Canyon, White Rock and Seeps Canyon. With a 4 wheel drive vehicle and an adventureing spirit, you can find lots of other canyons in nearby Utah. Forty miles north, is Snow Canyon State Park. Forty miles south is the Valley of the Fire State Park of Nevada. Both are world famous canyons for adventure! ATV's, hiking; horseback riding, golf, bowling, movies, casinos and swimming pools are all choices for your adventure.

Mesquite was named after the mesquite tree, which Native Americans considered to be great luck. They would burn mesquite wood like incense to bring friendly spirits. This rugged desert setting is one of the top Nevada Tourism spots for those who want to explore the open spaces of the US Southwest. Nearby are a variety of picnicking and hiking areas, such as Cedar Pockets, Whitney Pockets, and the Gold Butte Back Country Byway. Zion National Park is an easy day trip from Mesquite. Shopping at the halls and outlets stores in Saint George, Utah is a favorite diversion too.

There are four casinos in Mesquite.

o CasaBlanca

o Eureka

o Oasis

o Virgin River

Mesquite has been growing as a golf destination. There are six different golf courses. Each golf course is a bit different from the other.

The Casablanca and The Oasis hotels also have spas. Mesquite also has a well known motocross track. Staying for a day or two, or even a week, you'll find your Mesquite tours to be fun and enjoyable.

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