How to Use Online Affiliate Marketing to Pay For Your Autoship

Online Affiliate Marketing is a great way to fund your primary business and pay for your monthly autoship costs. Most people, when they join a network marketing company, don’t take advantage of online affiliate marketing and end up leaving money on the table every month. Instead, they are told by their upline to make a list of their warm market, which includes friends and family members and convince them to join the business opportunity.

This takes a lot of time and and is not very effective since only a small percentage of those people join their opportunity. Of that small percentage that join, most of them usually quit within 90 days. People will eventually run out of friends and family members to talk to. They are then told to buy and cold call leads which are very expensive and take up a lot of time to call. Most of those leads are not interested in starting a home business and are therefore a waste of money and time.

With online affiliate marketing you are able to fund the cost of your network marketing business, including your autoship and advertising, by marketing low-cost affiliate marketing tools and products. These products usually are $50 or less and provide value to people. This can be done by driving traffic to a website and providing an offer for people to opt in to an auto responder for more information.

When visitors opt in, their information is captured and they receive follow up emails with valuable free to low cost information, training and products. You can set up the follow up emails in a way that you will build relationships with those prospects so that they will want to buy from you. People will buy those products since they provide a lot of information and value. This will provide income for you which will cover your autoship and other network marketing business expenses.

Over time, people will start to see you as a leader and will be more likely to buy from you since they want to do business with leaders. Once people start to see you as a leader, they will want to join your network marketing opportunity, which is your back-end product.

Online affiliate marketing is a great way to fund your primary business, build relationships and position you as a leader. By doing this, you will set yourself up for success in your network marketing business since you will only have people who are serious join your primary business opportunity.

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