How to Overcome Infidelity and Dishonesty

Do you know the signs of a failing marriage?

If you suspect that there is infidelity in your marriage, then you are probably right and should not waste time doubting or being in denial. Marriage is a precious thing that takes work from both parties and is an every day struggle to keep with all the temptations we face in every day life.

There are many sites available for free that will show you the signs of a cheating partner and if you are in that situation, there is help and ways to bring back the "spark" into your marriage or relationship. The biggest downfall of a person being cheated on is being in denial or not wanting to face the truth, even when it is right there in front of you. Be sure you know the signs of a cheater and also know what to do when confronted with that situation before it is too late if you want to save the relationship.

What are the signs of infidelity

1) Changing the usual habits in everyday life is the most prudent.
Work schedule change or increase in time at work.
Staying out later. Making excuses to go to the store.
Friends call to help move or help a friend do something out of the ordinary.

2) A sudden change in clothing style.
Different style in shirts or pants. Going from dull colors to bright colors.
From tighty whities to boxers or briefs. From granny panties to thongs or bikini.
With clothing, most become repetitive in their own style and will keep the current trend of what they have done in the past. The above clothing changes would most likely happen spontaneously and there would be an excuse as to why they changed.

3) A change in how the cell phone is handled
Did they used to come home and lay the phone down anywhere, but now they keep it with them?
Often, they will put a password on the phone to lock it in order to keep others from checking it.
Do they get odd calls or messages? Most successful cheaters will have set times when the cheating other knows they can or can not call. Do they hide their phone? That's a sure sign!

A change in cologne or perfume.
This will be around a holiday or a gift giving event when they would get a new fragrance from their cheating partner. Perfume or cologne is an easy gift to give and it also shares a fragrance that the other would enjoy.

A smart cheater will not come home with the normal signs, like lipstick on the collar or smelling like perfume, so when trying to catch a cheater, always look for the abnormal and hidden signs.
Most will lie when confronted and if they suspect they are being watched, will be more careful.
If you suspect infidelity, do your own researching and research before popping the accusation question, which will send them into alert mode and make them harder to catch. If you act normal, stay with your routine, but actively watch, it's not hard to catch a cheater.

I was once a victim of a cheating spouse, but thanks to the information I was able to find, I was able to work past it and found a new love. My new love was also a victim of a failed marriage due to infidelity and that is one thing that helps us grow stronger each day and we look for new ways to improve our relationship on a daily basis.

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