Dog Nutrition Does not Just Mean Premium Dog Food

Your pet is a loving member of your family and you love to treat them as one of the family. We are always looking at what we feed our kids. Whether it is their regular meals or the snacks we give them -we want only the best. The same needs to hold true for the pets that are part of our loving family, we need to be aware of what we are feeding them.

More and more, we have become aware of the premium dog foods that are available and the positive affect it can have on our pets' health. What we are less aware of is the availability of premium dog trees. It does not make a lot of sense to give them high quality foods and then give them a doggie treat equivalent of junk food. The idea is to give them a healthy diet all the way around to make sure they are able to have the best quality life possible.

The idea of ​​premium trips is to provide a healthy alternative to the typical trips you find in most stores. Premium treasures should be loaded with vitamins, minerals and other health promoting ingredients. What they should not contain is fillers, binders, artificial ingredients and colors, chemical preservatives etc.

Rawhides are animal hides that are cured, pressed and molded into bone shapes and sold as inexpensive chew practices for dogs. Many manufacturers cure the hides with harsh chemicals; such as, an ash-lye solutions, lime and / or bleach. If the curing process is not enough to help you decide whether or not to feed your dog rawhide, consider the digestive problems of rawhides. Prolonged chewing can cause rawhides to become stringy or break off in small pieces, which can lead to a choking hazards or throat irritations. Rawhides are digested very slowly and can cause intestinal problems, even blockages. There are safe and healthy alternatives to rawhide that can give your dog hours of chewing pleasure.

Dental bones stimulate the teeth and gums to keep them clean and well massaged. This will promote all around, good dental hygiene for your dog. Dogs should not be given any treat or bone that is not digestible and that does not break down well in the GI tract because it could cause problems. This is essential for the dogs' complete health and nutritional needs. They deserve nothing but the best from us and that means not only premium dog food, but premium treats as well. If we give them one and not the other, we short-change our pets.

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