How to Dunk a Basketball – Basketball's Biggest Physical Challenge

Why do we want to Dunk?

When you were growing up, did not you always want to know how to dunk? Even as a young adult I never thought it was possible to dunk on a 10 'rim. Why does everyone have the obsession with dunking the ball? Well there are challenges in any sport. And the extreme challenge in Basketball is the Dunk Shot. The ability to throw a Dunk Shot down on your friends is amazing.

Where do I get the info?

There are tons of information about Basketball and how to get better. There are also a few great ones out there on the Internet. Retired Coaches and other sports professionals write articles and ebooks about sports training all the time.

I found one of these and dedicated my self to this training plan. I started to see improvements in my quickness and vertical jump within a few weeks. To my surprise I was jumping higher then I had ever jumped before.

Why should I try?

Once you come across a training plan you need to dedicate your self to the plan. Most training plans are based upon full commitment. There is no strong and athletic quick plan. It takes a little work and desire to reach this goal. If a 35% 2B White Guy who is 5'10 can dunk the ball. Most everyone could dedicate their selves to a training plan.

Before you know it you will be dunking also …

If you want more information on how to dunk a basketball check out my blog.

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