Choose the Right Lighting For Your Kitchen

Your kitchen needs to reflect your personal tastes but also feel like a social, practical and comfortable area to cook in as kitchens can sometimes be a little stressful. Finding the right lighting in your kitchen can make a massive difference to the look, mood and feel of your kitchen.

Spotlight fit right into the ceiling or on a track these are the best for ambient and task lighting. Think about where you want the lights – plan their layouts so they illuminate certain areas that you will need to see such as hobs or surfaces.

Cupboard lighting
Cupboards with glass fronts lit inside from a fluorescent tube or by LED can create a distinct look, while cupboards with solid doors can have sensor-activated lights that come on when you open them so no matter where you can always see inside your cupboards.

Over Counter lights
Task lighting will illuminate what you're doing, but shadows can fall in between surfaces when you stand between them. Go for lights built into units or buy strip lighting and position where needed. Keeping this as an alternative set of lights and having main lights also is probably best because the spaces with shadows would look dull.

Mood Lighting
Mood lighting is used to create atmosphere and can be achieved in a variety of ways from uplighters on cabinet tops to LEDs set into an island. Fitting them with dimmers is also a great idea if your cooking and entertaining spaces are one and the same this way you can see when youre cooking and have a romantic set up for a nice meal in when you entertaining.

There are certainly masses of styles and fittings to go with the required lighting set up inside your kitchen and going to see them in action in your local DIY or kitchen retailer is probably best then you will know exactly what you want.

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