Chiropractic and Nutrition

I want to be healthy – and 30 again! Only one of these things can happen and I am never seeing thirty again.

Many San Diego Chiropractors incorporated nutrition into their practices. It is a logical step and an essential part of helping patients regain and maintain their health. That being said, I have not quite grasped some of the concepts employed by chiropractors and other doctors regarding testing for nutrient shortcomings.

I have always liked measurements to guide my outcomes. Granted, in health care, many times "improvement" in a patients 'condition is driven by the patients' symptoms.

In other words, when they are out of pain they are done with care!

This is seldom a good call, most of the time it is not. Even doctors are advised against making judgments regarding delivery of care for their own illnesses. After all, many patients are riddled with cancer or have major blockage in their hearts' arteries yet the patient has no symptoms. Like any of these conditions, treatment for even seemingly minor symptoms is best when delivered until the illness is completely resolved.

Our state of wellness is fleeting and worsened when we ignore signals that we are losing our health.

We can develop mild symptoms like insomnia or anxiety or fatigue for example and attribute them to something other than some internal issue. Often our symptoms are attributed to things such as work stress or relationship problems. While those stresses are contributors to our symptoms, diet and extremely nutrition take the lead role in producing symptoms of ill health.

I recently made the decision to have a hair analysis performed for mineral content. The lab that we are now using for hair analysis uses state of the art equipment to analyze the hair sample then they generate a report containing specifics regarding their findings. They also include recommended supplements and gobs of information regarding the consequences of their findings.

Having considered myself above the average as far as my health goes, I was shocked by the reports findings.

This report is exactly what I need to drive my nutritional supplement schedule. It provides a measure of where I am and what I should take to get where I need to be.

One last thing, for those of you who have dismissed the findings of a hair analysis as inaccurate, improvements in this procedure over the last ten years have made it as accurate as blood tests – which are quite accurate.

If you are serious about getting healthy, do yourself a favor and get a hair analysis performed. It will do wonders in guiding your nutritional plan and will keep you on a course towards better health!

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