Farm in Outland Despite Mote and Primal Scarcity

A lot of WoW gold guides and Outland farmers agree on one thing: to visit areas where you can farm for motes. This is a good way to make gold because primals and motes are valuable, however, there are a lot of players who do the same. You can make gold at a much slower pace, except if you're the first player on a new server to level up to level 70, or if you're willing to dedicate time for it. Yes, you can make 200 gold an hour by farming motes and mining nodes in Nagrand, but if all the mining nodes have been exhausted and if all the elementals are slain, there's no definite gold figure you can count on.

To further complicate things, players do not know what to expect with the introduction of the Wrath of the Lich King. Some of the questions raised about the new release are the usefulness of motes and the necessity to abandon the motes just like what you do with the elementals. Unfortunately, even the best WoW gold guide can not answer these concerns. However, they give some options on gold farming specifically for players who do not want to farm motes in exchange for gold.

Other options

Alternatives are not that many. One option is to skin in a Nagrand, which is an easy task given the large number of creatures present in the Area. Another option is to mine in Shadowmoon Valley, Nagrand, and Terokkar. You can also visit Legion Hold, which is located in Shadowmoon Valley, to gather as many reputation items as you can.

You can do what you want, just have a WoW gold guide by your side to give you the lowdown on the game's fundamentals. You just have to effectively coalesce the best techniques so you can make more gold.

Balancing act

Outland is a Mecca for players because of its numerous mobs, nodes, and searching area. This opportunities can be traced back to the continent's 80% boost in the game. Compared to Azeroth, you can mine, skin, pick up herbs, and farm motes in Outland. A lot of WoW gold guides have compiled all these options, it's just up to you to combine these gold-making techniques effectively. If you are a good player that you think you are, you need not look at your WoW gold guide for a superior farming plan that can be nerfed immediately.