Article Marketing – Why I Use Article Marketing To Generate Avalanches Of Leads

If you are doing any kind of article marketing now, you might be doing one of the following:

– promoting affiliate products to make promises

– promoting your own sales page to sell products

– promoting a so-called Made-For-Adsense blog

– posting articles on your own blog to generate content

And I'll probably get 'killed' for saying this, but your articles are getting wasted.

Very few, and I mean very few, use article marketing solely to build a list. And lots of money is being left on the table, I'm afraid to say.

I basically do all the steps in Bum Marketing (the term created by Travis Sago to describe article marketing) but the difference is I promote a squeeze page to collect leads. The only way anyone can get extra information from me is if they enter their name and email address. I figured, if someone is not willing to give me those details, what more actually paying me online? Let's face it: we are running a business here, not a charity.

The reason why this is effective is because someone who likes your article is 'warm up', he will want to get more information from you, and an email newsletter is the perfect way to do that.

So go and build a list with your articles. Write and submit multiple articles daily to top directories, and you will see floods (and I mean floods) of traffic and leads. Your lead generation will actually receive an instant boost. Your business will be given a positive kick up the rear from the results you get.

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