StarCraft 2 Unit Guide – Do not Read This If You Like The Bronze League

Playing StarCraft 2 in multiplayer is difficult. The first League, which is the Bronze one is pretty soft. This is because it is always full of people who do not know how to play the game very well. If you want to start advancing though, you'll need help. The best place to start is with a good StarCraft 2 unit guide.

When you know everything about all the units from each race, then you'll be able to mount more effective assaults and also defend yourself better. You will also know which strategies to use considering the race and build order of your opponent and the map you are on.

With that in mind, here is a little StarCraft 2 unit guide that covers the basics of each race.


This race is focused entirely on ranged units. The only problem is that they are usually weak and have pretty low damage. They are superior when it comes to defense because of their Siege Tanks, Bunkers and Missile Turrets.

They also have a few units that are very good for harassment tactics like the Reapers and the Ghosts, who can launch Nukes. The higher tier units like the Thor and the Battlecruiser are very powerful, but you need to support them accordingly to be really successful. Use the range to your advantage at all times. Place units on high ground and block it so melee enemies will not be able to attack them.

This is a very balanced race and it will do nicely for anyone who does not know which one to play with.


The Protoss have a combination of both melee and ranged units. All of the units from this race have both shields and armor as defenses. The armor can not be repaired but they do regenerate shields. They have the strongest first tier units, the Zealot. They are very powerful but since they are melee, they can be pretty easy to kill. Kitting can be difficult as they can be upgraded with the Charge ability which gives them a boost to speed when attacking.

The only ground units capable of attacking air units are the Stalkers, Sentries (very low damage), Archon and the High Templar Psionic Storm ability. To keep air superiority you need to build Phoenixes. These are the first tier air ships you can build that only attack air targets. For a purpose air ship you can build the Void Raid.

The Protoss are powerful but you need to make an army out of more types of units. That way you will cover every angle of attack that can be launched against you.


These are the bugs in the game. This race is good for both attacking and harassment. The units are reliably weak but they are very cheap and in the multiples. They will regenerate health as long as they are on Creep. Most units can also mutate into even stronger units giving the Zerg a greater utility.

Creep is not that hard to make and you can use it to take over expansion points. The other two races can not build anything on Creep. Using the Overlords, you can take over every expansion on the map very early in the game. This makes an opening for a very good harassment strategy.

I hope that my little StarCraft 2 unit guide will help you in deciding which race you want to play with. As I said before, it is best that you learn about each of them. That information will help you when you are up against them.

These were the immediate trains of all three races. If you need more, then a more detailed StarCraft 2 unit guide is needed.

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