Marketing Ideas for the Playful Company

Some companies prefer a more relaxed or playful approach to their marketing plans. This type of marketing plan could appeal to younger generations and to people who don’t like to see the company just marketing and mentioning what they do.

Keep posts light hearted on social media platforms. Statistics show that younger people are the highest users and business embedded posts could make them bored of you. Instead of posting all your products every day of the week, why not pop a joke in here and there?

Post pictures instead of just text. You are likely to get more reactions if there is an image related to your post. You also have to make sure that the picture is captivating and engaging.

Run competitions that allow your audience to win prizes. You could have a “Client of the Month” prize or present them with a prize that will benefit them or their business. If you have a retail business, run a competition where the customer can win one of your products.

Infographics and vector graphics get more attention online. People no longer like to read but want to see visuals of what you are trying to say. Using a simple graphic that gets straight to the point will get their attention quicker.

Introduce your team to your clients. People want to know who is giving them the service. Showing the faces of your team also lets people know that you are not afraid of showing who you and who your team is.

Keep up to date with the latest trends that your demographic may find interesting. Every couple of months an interesting game, meme, television program or political situation occurs that gets the world hyped up. Use these different events to run adverts and contests making your company trendy and on point of what is happening in the world.

Let people comment on your pictures and posts. You can create adverts that ask clients what they prefer between two options. Many audiences on social media platforms enjoy answering and commenting on pictures so that their opinion is heard.

Without an audience, your business won’t be able to cope. So showcase your business to your existing clients by using comprehensive marketing strategies and eventually more people will want to know what your company is all about. Your current clients talk about you to other people and brag about the amazing services that they had received. That is good word of mouth marketing.

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