5 Tools for Marketing Research Companies

Marketing research is a diverse and growing industry, business of today realize that as technology evolves, the possibility of gathering data here and about becomes easier or at least more convenient. Gathering richer data makes a more compelling backbone for sound business decisions in the world of marketing.

Here are some must-have tools or software for marketing research

  1. Audio Conferencing Platform – any company or group serious about marketing research should have a reliable partner for their audio conferencing needs. Use this for connecting your moderators and responders, and allow your clients to listen in and observe. It is very important to get ideas across to and from all parties involved (your clients, your moderators, your responses) and having an audio conferencing partner in place is definitely a must.
  2. Web Meeting Software – when a more personal approach is required in your research design, web conferencing is an ideal tool for simulating in-person interviews and even face-to-face focus groups. A robust web meeting software accommodates multiple parties in a session, providing capabilities to share webcam and stimuli. Interviews, discussions and collaborative online meetings are seamless even as you go through different file sharing options (files, photos, and presentations). This can be very helpful depending on the nature of the meeting or your approach.
  3. Mobile Recording Software – marketing research also involves field work or in-the-moment experiences because the need for a mobile recording software or tool becomes a necessity. Anyone could bring a recorder anywhere but what is more interesting is to have your records sent back to your email or stored in a server. The best ones available automatically send transcripts of the recordings you made to your email.
  4. Bulletin Board System -Online board systems have been widely used since the late 1980's for conducting asynchronous online focus group discussions. With its many capabilities, researchers have learned its usefulness in various applications and study designs (eg online diaries, online communities, and knowledge base). There are online multimedia boards available from marketing research support companies. You can find vendors offering customization ideal for market research and design each board according to your project requirement.
  5. Survey Software – some companies prefer a more automated approach in generating data. They typically use survey software to reach out to a large number of respondent base (ranging from hundreds to even thousands of participants). With this type of tool, metrics are automatically computed, providing you with statistical data based on responsive demographic and their answer to a specific question.

As important as it is to gather information that will be used for generating insights, marketing research will always require recording mechanisms or protocols. It is best to have redundant data available that can be used as a back-up, as well as an avenue where information can be dissected to the detail making sure that you derive a sound research-based recommendation. Recordings and transcripts are examples of such. It is in good practice to always ensure that you are using the right platform for the purpose of your research. For some, it is best to have their research projects be facilitated by marketing research service providers to ensure the process runs smoothly and is committed to your project's success.

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