How Will Ron Artest Fare Up With LA Lakers Basketball Roster

With the addition of Ron Artest to the basketball roster of Los Angeles Lakers, sports aficionados are more excited to see how well he would jell with his new NBA team.

It can not be denied that, in order to penetrate into the most prestigious basketball association in the world; one must have talent. But talent alone can not win championships, as most sports enthusiasts believe. A talented player must also jell effectively with the team's basketball roster. And that is what LA Lakers fans are having to see as the season starts with Ron Artest in their fold.

Ron Artest is one player who has a very good work ethic, never-say-die attitude, and unpredictable personality on the court that keeps his guards guessing on what move he will be doing next.

This 6'7, 260 pound frame, with fiery muscles, is already a 12-year NBA veteran with the following season averages: 16.1 points, 5.2 rebounds, 3.3. assists, 2.1 steals; in addition to these, were his numerous All-Star appearances, several All-Defensive Team memberships, and a defensive player of the year award.

Artest, who was acquainted from the basketball roster of Houston Rockets will join the Lakers elite cast of point guards like Kobe Bryant, Derrick Fisher, Lamar Odom, and Paul Gasol. The inclusion of Ron Artest into the Lakers' roster will allow them to play against small lineups of brilliant NBA teams.

The length of Gasol, and Odom, putting in Artest's ruffian strength can very well match the Boston Celtics' lineup of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace.

On the other side of it, Phil Jackson can also go big with a very defensively intimidating force of newly-signed Shannon Brown; add Artest-Bryant-Gasol-Bynum that belittles a potential Cleveland basketball roster of O'Neal, Williams, West, James, and Varejao.

It is a fact that versatility was the key in their championships in 2008-09 title run with Trevor Artiza still playing in Artest's present position now. So, there will be a reinventing of plays and tricks already. This will absolutely give Lakers a new look.

Artest is obviously in love with his new team LA LAKERS. Yet, LAKERS fan will surely love Ron Artest soon. The Lakers team is sure to miss Ariza in their basketball roster. This lanky swingman played a big role in the Lakers title contract.

On the other team's part, Artest will certainly be a big loss for Houston Rockets. He is the second primary offensive option after Yao Ming. Yet, life goes on with their separate carers.

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