How To Take Control In a Basketball Game

The clock is counting down from ten seconds in the fourth quarter and your team is down by two points. The coach calls timeout and the plan is to put the ball in your hands. A two pointer would tie the game and you could take it to overtime, but a three pointer would close the deal. Basically, your options in this situation are to play it safe or take the risk. Whatever choice you decide, you must seize the moment.

Let’s take a closer look at your options; a three point shot from downtown can be tough to hit in the final seconds of the game, especially when the pressure is at its maximum. On the other hand, if you feel that your strength as a basketball player is hitting three point shots then here’s what you do: Be the boss and take the risk. A shot like this at such a crucial time would mean the game and if you make it then you will keep this memory for the rest of your life. You’ve got all to gain.

The second option is two pointer which can be achieved by shooting a field goal or driving to the rim. If your strength is two point shots then that’s exactly what you’ve got to do only this time you must do it with every ounce of strength you can bring forth. The two point play would be easier to make if you get into the paint but remember the defenders will attack. When you go up for the shot you might get fouled hard which would actually work to your advantage if you can sink free throws. Listen, if you are that basketball player who has always wanted to show the world that you are a champion then this is your time to prove it. Whether you decide to take the three point shot or go for a two point field goal be sure to go all out.

When it comes to seizing the moment while the stakes are high, you only have a small amount of time to take action and make it count. The opportunity opens suddenly and you’ve got to be ready to bust a move. You only get one time to do amazing things in life, you might as well do it now. With no hesitation, take control of the chance you have to win big without any other thought in your head except that victory is already yours. Know that when you seize the moment you have stepped into another dimension of the game. It’s the realm of “all-things possible” and once you are there you can hit that three point shot at the buzzer, you can drive to the rim for a vicious slam dunk. In essence, you can win but you have to take authority the second you get that once in a lifetime chance. Remember, the only shots you can miss are the ones you don’t take.

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