What Many Batting Instructors Forget to Teach During Your Hitting Lesson

Getting quality information and advice during a ball player's hitting lesson is the key to any baseball player's success in hitting. In this article I'm going to go over a sitting lesson on "Total Focus". What I mean by total focus is actually seeing the ball being released from the pitcher's hand and following the ball and seeing the ball hit the bat. By doing this you will slow down the speed of the baseball in your mind, along with allow the ball to look bigger than it really is because you have total focus on it. Your mind will make a bigger image of the baseball then it really is.

Many times during a sitting lesson a ball player will say it feels weird to do this at first with having total focus of seeing the ball being released from the pitcher's hand and actually seeing the ball hit the bat. As an expert hitting instructor I say to the ball player "keep practicing this despite and ever your eye-hand coordination will line up and you will see a huge difference in your eye-hand coordination and ability to hit the baseball on the sweet spot of the bat consistently for line drives ". So if this is you keep practicing this during hitting lessons, hitting drills, and batting practice, etc, and you will see a measurable difference in your ability to hit for a higher average and more home runs.

Also, by doing this you'll be able to time the pitch much better. You're mind and body will begin to automatically or unconsciously the pitch. This way you're NOT too early or too late. Again, this will help you line up your swing plane to meet the ball on the sweet spot of the bat to hit line drives by bringing the bat head to the proper point of contact without having to think about it.

Once you've established this level of focus of actually seeing the baseball being released from the pitcher's hand and hitting the bat you can move onto a more sophisticated lesson of total focus. In this more advanced sitting lesson, not only do you see the ball from the point of release to the point of contact, you actually can read the rotation of the seams of the baseball and know what type of pitch the pitcher has thrown you, before the pitch gets to home plate, such as a curveball, change up, fastball, slider, etc, just by seeing how the baseball's seams rotate out of the pitcher's hand and while traveling to home plate. Each type of pitch has a distinct type of rotation which you will learn by studying and watching each pitch closely. Once you're able to recognize the different types of rotation for each type of pitch thrown you will find yourself not getting fooled on off speed pitches, such as curveballs, because you already know that the pitch is a curveball way before the pitch reaches home plate which will allow you to keep your weight back and wait on the pitch longer.

By taking theseitting tips and applying them, you will have the skills necessary to see a huge decrease in the amount of times you strike out, along with seeing a dramatic increase in the amount of times you make solid contact with the baseball while batting, resulting in many more line drives and even home runs. Let this be a sitting lesson you do not forget. Even if your baseball instructor does not teach this concept of total focus during a sitting lesson, do not let this stop you from working on this yourself though, because it's very important to do if you want to take your game to the next level! Take your baseball training to the next level by applying this today!

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