Tankinis Are a Unique Style of Two Piece Swimwear

The warmer weather is approaching and the thoughts of sunny beaches and glowing tans start coming to mind. The very first thing we ladies think next is that we need to get our bikini bodies in shape for the coming outdoor season. Immediately many of us grab for that crash diet that always works for us and we kick it in to gear. For some of us, however, we struggle in the stomach area and the thought of wearing two piece swimwear is not pleasant. Fortunately for us there is a new style of bikini out that is made to help with this called a tankini. We want to take a look at this trendy swimwear and find out how it can help us look our best this season.

The tankini is a combination of a tank top and bikini and offers the advantages of a bikini with the comfort of a one piece swimsuit. The top is a normal bikini top but it has a lower shirt type section sewn in that extends down below the tummy and lower buttocks area and gives you concealment. They can come with higher rise bottoms that look somewhat like the tight shorts that volley ball players wear. Either way, the main advantage to wearing this type of bikini is that that covers up the midsection. If your tummy area is not flat and smooth then you will definitely want to consider the tankini. What is really great is that early in the beach and tanning season it can buy you some time until you get yourself in bikini shape, and have your tummy flattened out and looking nice.

One issue with the tankini is to make sure you get it fitted properly in the bust area. If you are a normal to less busted woman then make sure your breasts are fitted properly and not too loosely. A good tip here is to wear your top that has prints on it as this will make you have a fuller look. If you are a large breasted woman please make sure you are not falling out of your top as this looks tacky. You will want to have straps on the top that are a little wider than usual to give you the support that you need. You may also need to consider purchasing a tankini top that offers underwire support to give you the appropriate lift that is needed.

With the bottoms on a tankini you can be quite varied if you like and wear just about any style that suits you. It looks like that the tankini usually comes with a full bottm that covers up the hips and bottom area, and these can look nice in lighter colors. You can also wear normal bikini bottoms, or a g-string, as this will usually be covered up by the flowing top. What is nice about the tankini is that you could have bottoms with a higher rise so that covers up the tummy area a little more and smoothes out your look.

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