What Are the Job Opportunities For Teenagers?

There are few jobs available for children who are 13 and 14 years old. Companies do not have jobs eligible for these kids and, by law, their age prevents them from being hired. Children have to be a little clever and try to find a way to make some money near where they live.

Kids in this age group frequently begin by doing yard work such as mowing lawns or by babysitting. There are more choices possible for an inventive and motivated child. For example, they might offer to feed a neighbor's cat while they are out of town or help an elderly person move boxes in their garage. However, it is difficult for young teenagers to earn money consistently during the summertime or other times of the year.

Employers are more apt to hire a kid once they become a few years older. Since a child is generally considered to be more accountable and conscientious at the age of 15 or 16, the possibility of finding summer work is better. But there is not an abundance of jobs available for middle teenagers either. Most job openings involve doing less demanding tasks in businesses such as movie theaters and shopping malls. The child will gain valuable work experience that they can include on a resume, which makes the minimum wage they will probably earn less of a disadvantage.

Teenagers can also try to find a part time job online. They can begin to find out how to earn some extra cash even though online job listings are not really targeted at teens. Teenagers are quite likely to learn new things, notably those related to technology and computers, very fast.

Making money online can be easier said than done, but a teen has just as good a chance to succeed at finding work on the Internet as an adult. With the downturn in the economy, it could be very difficult for a kid to find an offline job, making online opportunities more attractive. Resourceful teens will discover a method for accomplishing anything they desire, including finding work online.

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