Disadvantages of Home Schooling

In the recent news, there have been so many problems in school, such as Columbine, the teaching shortages, overcrowded class room and the no child left behind program, and parents are turning to home school. The media has gone out of its way to point out the disadvantages of public school. But how many people have taken a look at home school disadvantages, some situations may not be appropriate for the child when home schooling.

While the concept of home schooling is great, there are a few situations where home schooling may not be a good thing. Some parents don’t have adequate education, they have busy lifestyles, and they have limited financial resources. Although in certain situations home schooling is a good option for parents. But in most of the cases, the home schooling issues can be a disadvantage. There are lots of advantages for the kids when they go to a school. Home schooling may not be able to bring out that perfect level of confidence in the kids. Thus you must pay attention towards selection of the home schooling program. The wrong kind of program can be really disastrous for your kid. Make sure that you select the right one for your child.

One of the major problems are adequate education of the parents, most don’t have a degree and are unsure how to do the new math, history is extremely boring and science is not one of their strong suits. In this situation it is not a good idea for the parents to teach their children at home. They will have a hard time making sure their children are able to keep up with the Joneses. In the technical age, children need all the education they can get.

Another problem is parents who have many children, busyness is a big concern, and a home school parent must be able to make time during his or her busy day to make sure the child gets the adequate education. Education is key to their survival; parents must have the time to give them a structured education.

The biggest of these problems is the limited financial resources of some parents, low income families rarely have the extra money to pay for books, curriculums and teaching supplies. There are some great resources to lower the prices of those items but they are still expensive items. People who want to home school should be able to afford a quality education for their children.

There are many problems with home schooling programs. The problems are numerous. You can only come up with the solution by either not opting for the home schooling program or by finding the right one for your kids. This is your responsibility.

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