Struggling With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in its pure form is so simple that it made to look very easy. Here is where every new affiliate marketer goes wrong.

Take a product, get your hoplink attached, PPC it, or article market it, and earn huge money – right? Well did not they tell you that? And not just one person, hundreds. And in truth it is that simple. Ha ha.

Why then are so many thousands of internet marketing people out there earning no money at all? Here are three reasons why.

1. Incorrect training.

The grounding that you use as your base to start doing business on the internet is very important. If you have spotted one single supposedly easy system to earn yourself some money and then you start doing it without realizing that there is some or other problem with that method, you could be wasting your time. If fact there are certain aspects of affiliate marketing that even when you are experienced, the slightest change to an advert or item could double or half your sales.

A fellow marketer friend of mine once had a PPC ad set up and had been running it for about 6 weeks. Now it was in an expensive category, which was OK as he was only getting 2 to 3 clicks a day. Then one day he fiddled with the word on the ad. Two days later he saw that he had received 1200 clicks already. So remember the training you receive would teach you to carefully watch these types of items. Get good training. Teach yourself or buy a good course. There are lots of both out there.

2. Pathetic research.

It still amazes me that there are intelligent people out there that are able to read and write, will be willing to pay good money for training, and then do the stupidest things. Checking that your product is a good one, is well priced and will sell, is so easy to do. And yet a huge amount of people just think that if it is up there for sale people will buy it. Please do your research properly. In fact a good idea is to lay out a 20 point plan for the way that you choose and research your new products. If your research is well done then almost all the other stuff will follow. There are many different types of methods to do excellent research. Some are free and others will have to be bought. Confusion and hopping around.

3. Sticking to your plan.

If your product is well researched, and then your plan involves a great mix of the different methods of marketing available out there, you will not go wrong. However please remember that the only regular way of getting instant income is from a good and well planned PPC campaign. This method is going to cost you money, so be very sure that your ducks are all in a row.

However if you are using a combination of other methods, great, but follow the timeline of your plan to the tiniest detail. If you are the type of person that thrives on taking chances and want to try the many quick shortcuts, feel free, a lot of them do work. If not go about it carefully and in a well thought out way.

Finally the best advice I can add at the end of this is, when it all clicks and you are approaching a steady stream of income, fine tune everything and track and check the changes as you go along. You will be surprised as to how much of a difference a small detail could make.

Good luck out there.

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