Shimla the Queen of Hill Stations

Natural bounty and picture-perfect location on mountains make Shimla the 'Queen of Hill Stations' which draws scores of tourists from several parts of the globe. This is among the most visited hill stations in India famous for lofty snow-clad Himalayan ranges, lakes and lush green pasturelands. Apart from these natural blessings the Victorian style buildings enhance its scenic charm which makes it an unparallel destination of India. This awe-aspiring destination is the capital city of Himachal Pradesh State located in the north-west of Himalayan region. Some of the popular attractions of this place are:

The Mall:

It is the commercial street and the liveliest place of Shimla which is visited by every tourist who visits this destination. It is known as a shopper's paradise and a place of merment due to the presence of major hotels, restaurants and entertaining centers. The Mall is 5 km in length which starts from the west gate of former Viceregal Lodge and ends at Chhota Shimla or 'Small' Shimla in the east. The Victorian Style Buildings on the both sides make this a picturesque place where one can see the natural and man made beauty composed together. Christ Church, Kali Bari Temple, General Post Office and Scandal Point are the well known attractions of this place.

Jakhoo Temple:

It is one of the oldest temples of India located at an altitude of 8048 feet above sea level. This temple is dedicated to Lord Hanuman the Hindu monkey God where scores of devotees come to seek blessing. Apart from holding religious significance this place is also famous for its scenic location which gives bird's eye view of Shimla and the surrounding valley.

Chadwick Falls:

It is among the beautiful tourist attractions where one can see the 67 meters high water fall streaming down from the Summer Hill. The fall is located 7 km from the city amidst thick forest at a height of 1586 meters above sea level. Tourists can also go for trekking in the forest while their visits to this fall.

The salubrious climate, scenic view of the Himalayas accompanied by the Victorian style structures make Shimla a high-flying destination of India tourism which is visited in large number by national and international tourists as well. Some of the other known attractions of this place are Summer Hill, Prospect Hill, Tattapani, The Ridge, Viceregal Lodge and Photo Art Gallery.

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