Hilton Head Schools – Another World-Class Amenity

Schools are one of the most important features of any community. Before moving to a new community, parents almost always take a good, hard look at the area's schools. They want to know whether or not their children will get a good education that will prepare them for the world of work and adult responsibilities. This island is famous as a great vacation destination, but parents thinking of living there need to know if the island's schools will serve their children well.

Fortunately, the schools serve their clientele very well and can be counted as yet another of the island's many world-class amenities. The area's public schools are among the top schools in the Beaufort County School District, a district known for innovation in education. There are first-rate programs available for students of all ages, including the rigorous International Baccalaureate program. There are also several options for parents who prefer private schools.

The public schools are located on a common centralized campus, providing a great deal of convenience for families with children in multiple schools. In addition, the common campus provides continuity for longtime students, who will attend school within the same geographical area from kindergarten through graduation. The schools are separated, however, by distinct entrances and parking lots joined by a common campus road, maximizing convenience while still keeping each school separate.

The island's elementary school offerings include Hilton Head Island International Baccalaureate Elementary School and the Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts. Parents who want their children to explore the greater world from an international perspective through the world-class IB program should definitely consider this school. If you are a parent of a creative, hands-on child who is constantly building or painting, you should definitely consider the Hilton Head School for the Creative Arts. The school's arts infusion programs promote strong problem-solving skills and provide the many added benefits inherent with any arts program.

For parents of youngger children, there is also the Hilton Head Island Early Childhood Center, which emphasizes student readiness to make sure that every child is ready when it is time to enter the island's elementary schools.

The world-class education offered at the island's schools continues at Hilton Head Island Middle School and Hilton Head Island High School. The high school is nationally-ranked by Newsweek magazine for its academic rigor, placing at number 426 on a list of the nation's top 1500 schools. This ranking is in part due to the school offering the International Baccalaureate diploma program, which is recognized internationally. Students can earn college credit and students learning the full diploma can practically name the college of their choice, in the United States or abroad.

The island's private schools include religious and secular institutions. The Hilton Head Christian Academy and the St. Louis Francis Catholic School are available to parents preferring a religious education for their children. Other options for a more secular education include the Hilton Head Heritage Academy and the Hilton Head Preparatory School. Any parent moving to the area may contact Ken Oliver to find out the latest information about the island's public and private school offerings.

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