Michael Jackson's Style – How to Dress Like Michael Jackson

The king of pop Michael Jackson, who does not know him? Everybody knows him and lots people love him. The king has made many contributions to music industry, and even to fashion and life style. His style has become a trend mark that has been imitated by his fans and people from around the world.

No doubt, Michael Jackson's outfit is very unique and glamor and it has its own characteristics that brought and spread Michael's image throughout the world. Are you one of Michael's fans and want to dress like him? Here are the simple instructions for you to know to dress like the king of pop.

1. Iconic outfits. Michael always has remarkable outfits that later has become an icon in fashion industry. As you remember, in the 80s, MJ's introduced several iconic outfits such as the red leather jacket with black diagonal lines that formed a V-shape in the front. This is the most popular icon at that time. And this one was worn by him on the hit music video ever, Thriller. While in the 90s, he became known for his long black jackets and matching black pants. You can imitate this kind of outfits by looking on the store that has a sense of 80s and 90s style.

2. White T-shirts. This one is also popular and mostly worn by the star in every occasion. He usually mixed it under his jackets or alone without a jacket, and then combined with a pair of straight black pants or black loafers. For you MJ's lovers, this style is very to imitate because this kind of T-shirts and pants are in every store.

3. Socks and Gloves. These two are really Michael's icon and characteristic. When we see socks matched with gloves, we will remember the king of pop. Of course, they are some of the most recognizable aspects of Michael Jackson's outfits. He wore this almost in every performances and concert he did. No matter the color of the pants, pair a Michael Jackson outfit with either plain white socks or white socks with a slight silver sparkle to them. In the 80s, he even called as "The Gloved One", because of his trend-setting single glove. If you wear this style, you will surely wearing like MJ.

4. Armbands. This one was also familiar when we saw Michael's performances or music video. They have featured an armband tied around his right around halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.

That's it. These are several outfits and accessories that you can wear to dress like Michael Jackson. Although the generous remark human being has died, his contributions to music and style will live forever.

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