Salehoo and eBay – Stronger Together

You see the eBay advertisments all the time, heck just last week the strip mall just down the street from my home had someone open an office to run their eBay operation out of. I'm a little more skeptical of anything that looks like a quick money scheme on-line. I'll admit though, I was interested in the possibility and did my research. What I came across surprised me. Turning a profit with eBay is actually easier then it sounds if you work with an on-line database like Salehoo. On-line distributor? Salehoo? That's what I said … here is the lo-down

On-line Distributors.
This is actually a pretty easy concept to understand. On-line database companies like Salehoo are companies that put together lists of wholesalers, drop shippers and suppliers. People like you and I pay a small fee to join their membership and gain access to this information. By reviewing the different companies in the database, you can easily select one or more products to sell on eBay. Because Salehoo and other companies like it use liquidators, auctions and other methods to price their products, you get really good deals on some big name items.

Salehoo is one of the more popular on-line databases for products like these. Started by two friends (one of what actually worked for eBay), they put together a well researched site chock full of items for people sell on eBay or anywhere for that matter. Using name brand items in categories such as appliances, jewelry, household goods and clothing, Salehoo has a comprehensive list of distributors who will work with you to get your business up and running. These distributors almost all employ the concept of drop shipping, which sounds difficult, but really is not. Basically, they warehouse and ship your products for you – meaning no overhead for you!

And this has what to do With eBay?
Good question. The answer is simple: you have to have something to sell that people want to buy. Sure it is true that eBay original niche market was people selling stuff they had around their homes. Collectables and vintage clothing, comic books and crystal were all easily found on eBay. While this is still true, eBay now has another niche: helping people sell products they buy to turn a profit. Using a company like Salehoo combined with the marketing power of eBay is a great way to start a home based business.

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