SAP Business One Training Overview For Consultants

SAP B1 is becoming popular ERP and MRP platform for smaller and mid-size businesses. For larger organizations, SAP BO may also be a good alternative, especially being implemented in affiliates and in international branches to be integrated to corporate ERP. In such scenarios corporate ERP could be SAP high end version or MRP from different vendor – transactions export from SB1 is simple and typically there are no issues in setting up ongoing GL integration and consolidation. SAP Business One is very friendly in its interface, and you can do your own discovery. However user training is still recommended and in this publication we would like to give you quick orientation:

1. Generic training. You can purchase such training for your users from large providers, who have classroom training departments and schedules. This training gives you good and proportional familiarizing with SB1 modules, plus deeper picture for the module selected for the class. However generic module training typically covers more feature than you will end up using and it may not cover specific features, which you will select to use in your daily routine.

2. Precise training. This training should be done preferably by your SAP Business One implementation partner and by the same consultants, who were involved in your business processes mapping. Precise training is closely related to your business processes and often includes your final SAP Business One system in pilot regime with chosen Add-On, customizations, reporting.

3. Precise Business Processes mapping. On this stage you will need to be sure that you selected appropriate third party modules, in SB1 world referred as add-ons. Sometimes existing add-ons do not cover the desired functionality, in such situation, you should request your SAP Business One VAR or ISV to program it for you in SAP Business One SDK. Regarding custom reports for Sap B1, you can use Crystal Reports. The advantage of CR is good pool of report designers available through technology oriented SB1 resellers and integrators. Our recommendation is, prior to deploying add-ons and modifications, try to deploy user defined fields and features to see if you can accomplish what you need this way.

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