Hidden Camera DVR – Home Security of the Future

There’s simply no denying that video surveillance as a whole, has moved on the greener pastures as far as the Hidden Camera DVR is concerned. Rather than having to deal with wires and receivers, this unit is entirely self-contained. In fact, there really is not much you need to do in order to use it, apart from plugging it in and pointing it in the direction of whatever it is you’re wanting to record. Furthermore, everything you record will be in full color and will be stored on an 8GB SD card. Using any SD card reader, you’ll be able to view recordings on your computer whenever it’s convenient for you.

Even those with no technical experience will immediately realize just how incredibly easy video surveillance has become with regards to this latest break through. Furthermore, each unit comes with two resolution settings. When set on the 352 x 240 setting, the unit will record in real time at 30fps and is capable of recording in high quality for 16 hours, medium quality for 96 hours or low quality for 144 hours. Alternatively, when set for the 640 x 480 resolution, the unit records at a rate of 12fps and is capable of 8 hours on high quality, 48 hours medium quality or 72 hours low quality.

Complete with an 8GB SD card, the Hidden Camera DVR can either be set to start recording at a specific time, or it can be motion activated. Interestingly enough, the units also feature a remote control, MPEG4 file format, video out and a sampling rate at 44.1 KHz. Over and above what’s already been mentioned, they also feature motion detector masking, together with time and date stamp.

Those who are eager to monitor their home or even their place of work will be pleased to know that these technologically advanced surveillance systems are available in ten different models. Of the ten available models, two are wall clocks which have been designed specifically to blend in with any type of interior decorating. In addition to these, there’s also a Sony Dream Machine Clock Radio; The “Boom Box” which is an actual CD player complete with AM/FM radio; a desk lamp; a tower fan; an air purifier; an air freshener; and a wall outlet. Any of these cameras would all surely fool even the most observant intruder.

Likewise, those wanting to do a little surveillance at work can opt for the Exit Sign model. Ideally, for office surveillance this model should be either wall or ceiling mounted.

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