Free Registry Fix and Registry Booster 2011

Registry Booster 2010 is an example of a free registry fix, though like most programs of this nature, it is not exactly free. It is free to download with no strings attached and lets you run a free scan of your computer. However, to actually fix the registry errors, you must register with the program.

Free Registry Fixes In General

A program designed to clean your registry is not necessary – simple as that. Your computer could potentially go its entire “life” and not need a scan for registry errors. In fact, Windows used to come with its own free registry cleaner, but it was “pulled from the shelves,” so to speak, because there were reports of it causing irreversible errors. Tampering with the registry (automated or not) of a computer can permanently corrupt data and cause a broken computer and the necessity of a clean wipe of the hard drive. While all of this is true, let’s be realistic. It is relatively safe to use a registry cleaner without fear of corrupting data. Still, backup the registry before editing it in any way.

Why Use a Registry Cleaner?

The registry of a computer holds all configurations for Windows and its associating programs. When a program is deleted, for example, it sometimes leaves an unnecessary trail behind. A registry cleaner can delete this waste of space and organize the clutter of your registry. In a way, this prevents errors from occurring simply because it becomes a tidier, more organized store. In high priority cases, cleaning a computer registry will decrease startup time, making for a faster boot-up.

These cleaners go by different names. A “fix” or “cleaner” are two common examples of names given to these types of programs, but they all serve the same purpose. For some reason, unlike free anti-spyware programs and free antivirus trial, the free registry program is kind of a mythical beast. Who knows why? Programs like Spybot: Search and Destroy and AVG are free and fully operational. Registry programs that are free are harder to come by without a string attached.

Registry Booster 2011

Like most registry cleaners, it is free to download and free to scan your computer. Unfortunately also like most cleaners, it actually requires paid registration to fix those errors. In Registry Booster 2011’s case, it will automatically fix your first 15 errors for free. This program also comes with a “money back” guarantee. If the performance of your computer does not improve, they will send you your money back. It also allows the option of defragmenting your registry. This essentially puts things of relevance close to one another resulting in accessing them faster.

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